Elect Omar to City Council - 5th District


Health. Investment. Common Sense.

My vision for the 5th District is rooted in something simple, and something familiar to who we are as Philadelphians.

Ben Franklin said, “Early to bed and early to rise will make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Powerful words that undergird everything we value as people.

These are the pillars upon which we will renew North Philadelphia.

Creating Healthier Communities

  • Investing in Healthcare for Residents

    • Expand healthcare services (dental and vision) in all elementary schools across the 5th District

    • Increase funding for lead abatement staff to reduce lead hazards in homes and childcare facilities across North Philadelphia

    • Address food insecurity and lack of local fresh produce by increasing urban farming capacity in the 5th District

  • Cleaner Streets

    • Implement citywide street sweeping, hire more sanitation workers, purchase new trucks

    • Increase the number of trash receptacles across North Philadelphia

    • Create talent pipeline for Streets Department by launching transitional employment program for residents who are formerly incarcerated

  • Reducing Gun Violence

    • Significantly increase transitional and summer jobs for youth and individuals recently released from prison

    • Improve street lighting and clean up vacant houses

    • Expand funding for hospital-based interventions to treat and prevent gun violence

    • Increase gun license fee and earmark funding for gun violence prevention efforts

    • Partner with the Philadelphia Delegation to end state preemption of municipal gun and ammo regulation

  • Reducing Intimate Partner Violence

    • Increase funding for school-based programs for young men and boys as partners in prevention

    • Expand Medical Advocacy Programs to improve how healthcare systems identify and support victims of intimate partner violence

    • Increase marriage and divorce filing fees to create local revenue source for domestic violence prevention funding

Building Generational Wealth, Ending Generational Poverty

  • Asset Building

    • Ensure all residents receive the federal, state and local benefits for which they are eligible

    • Expand the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program to every eligible household to encourage residents to increase earnings, reduce debt, and improve credit

    • Ensure every child and adult with intellectual disabilities in the 5th District enrolls in an ABLE account

    • Implement the Keystone Scholars college savings program for every child born in the 5th District by the end of 2020

  • Equity Building

    • Invest additional $300M in the Basic Systems Repair Systems program to improve aging properties

    • Use the city’s authorized depository law to urge banks to increase home improvement loans in the 5th District

    • Focus Ten Year Tax Abatement on renovations for longtime homeowners to keep them in their homes

    • Create opt-out model for Homestead Exemption and LOOP programs to increase utilization

  • Legacy Building

    • Create partnership with Register of Wills to build resident understanding of inheritance and family wealth planning for homeowners and businessowners

    • Eliminate “tangled titles” in the 5th District over the next five years by creating a revenue stream to fund legal assistance costs

Investing in the Next Generation

  • quality, accessible Child Care

    • Triple Early Head Start enrollment for infants and toddlers in the 5th District

    • Increase the number of quality child care slots for infants and toddlers in the 5th District

    • Increase technical assistance for child care operators to improve business practices


    • Pause charter expansion until the state reforms its charter school law

    • Reinvest in public schools by reforming the Ten Year Tax Abatement, and increasing the percentage of property tax revenue to schools

    • Expand the School District’s Charter School Office to increase oversight

    • Provide governance training for all charter boards to improve accountability and fiscal stewardship

  • Schools Without Walls

    • Increase funding and partnerships between the city’s arts and cultural assets and the School District

    • Use City Council to measurably improve civics proficiency for all students in the 5th District

    • Increase foreign language and study abroad opportunities for high school students

Putting People at the Center of our Politics

Councilmanic Prerogative

  • Partner with the City Planning Commission to create a community-driven process that determines the best reuse for vacant properties in the 5th District

  • Publicly disclose letters of support for developers on Council website

Participatory Budgeting

  • Reform the $188,000 Activities Fund for the 5th District so residents can determine their own priorities

  • Set aside $1M of the capital budget in the 5th District for residents to prioritize decisions, final decisions would be voted on as a ballot question

Ward System as Constituent Service Delivery

  • Train committeepeople to provide constituent services to residents, including benefits screening and easy access to government and nonprofit programs

  • Develop annual “Ward Policy Forums” to identify community-specific issues for the Mayor, councilpeople, and other policymakers