Elect Omar to City Council - 5th District

Philadelphia’s 5th district

Tackling Poverty

Creating Opportunity

Empowering a Community

Hey, I’m Omar.

I am running for the 5th District City Council seat to turn deep poverty into prosperity for our community. My vision for the neighborhoods of the 5th District is that they become safer and equitably prosperous for the families and businesses that reside here.

Property does not define the value of a neighborhood, its people do. The reality is that the 5th District and its families suffer from decades of disinvestment and neglect. This is most evident in a poverty level that is 40 percent higher than the citywide rate, already the highest among the most populous U.S. cities. Nearly 50,000 people in the 5th District live in deep poverty - households that survive on $250 a week - and it impacts an additional 150,000 people across the city. This is a crisis and our community urgently demands action from our elected leaders.

Turning deep poverty into sustained economic mobility is not a simple task. Indeed, it will take a coordinated strategy across government, businesses, nonprofits and philanthropy to achieve measurable success. Ending generational poverty must include investing in healthier individuals and communities, asset building for renters and homeowners, harnessing our children’s full potential, ushering in a new paradigm for resident ownership and leadership, and improving mobility for the nearly 200,000 residents of the 5th District.


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